Using either milled lead sheet or traditional sandcast lead, we can fabricate leadworks that are both functional and decorative.


Tried and Tested

The use of lead in construction dates back to Roman Times, “Plumbum” being the Latin word for lead and our word “plumber” deriving from the Latin means “Lead worker”.


Lead, when installed by a professional, lasts for years and by years we mean YEARS. A  minimum of 3 times longer than any man-made alternatives out there. A good lead roof will easily out live a generation and it its common for lead roofs to go on performing well past the 150 year mark.

Cost effectiveness

As lead lasts so long and performs so well it makes it incredibly cost effective over the lifespan of the building it is used on. Over 40 years, lead works out to be 50% cheaper than other alternatives. And almost 100% cheaper over just 65 years.

Lead is Beautiful

Lead can be as decorative as it is functional. Once lead has been installed it quicky developes its natural patina which gives it a soft silvery appearance. Nothing looks like lead on a building and It has been used on some of the most beautiful buildings in the world.


When lead reaches the end of its lifespan it is simply re-manufactured and 100% of the old material is re-used. In fact, all new lead sheet contains at least 95% of recycled lead. And because lead has such a low melting point, the energy used to re-manufacture it is minimal, giving it a very low carbon footprint.


Lead is incredibly malluable and can be easily manipulated into complex shapes at ambient temperatures. This makes lead a great solution to some of the most challegening of problems.


Lead can be used in both historic and contemporary building for flashings, weatherings, cladding, gutter linings, pitched and flat roofing, rain-water goods and also purely for decoration.



Heritage Leadwork – Restoring or conserving listed/period properties, historic or ecclesiastical roofs. Typically using traditionally made sandcast lead.

New build – We install new lead roofing and cladding components with rolled lead sheet to BS EN: 12588 and Lead Sheet Association guidelines.

Ornamental – Decorative hoppers/rainwater goods, planters and plaques.

Custom flashings to order – We can fabricate lead flashings to order, amongst these are: Lead vents, pipe flashings, chimney components and bat tiles.

Repair work.

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