At timby roofing we love slate. Slate is one of the most durable and beautiful roof coverings in the world. We can install a wide variety of slates both native and foreign which enable us to suit a range of budgets. .



At Timby roofing we promote the use of natural materials, natural slates produce a variety of textures and a warmth of colours unrivalled by their man-made counterparts.

Natural materials age better than man-made Materials, they weather down giving a better tonal variety and remain looking beautiful for years. They do no promote the growth of mosses like most man-made products.

Versatility and Performance

Traditional roofing products are more versatile, this makes them more suitable for complex and intricate detailing. Slates being the most durable pitched roof covering in the world, once fixed correctly, slates can last with no need for maintenance over decades of use.

Natural slates have been quarried from regions like North Wales since the roman times. They have a life span of well over 150 years. Burlington (blue/grey) and Westmorland (green) slate from Cumbria can last even longer.

Traditional roofing materials can be reclaimed and re-fixed – Fixings and timber work often deteriorate at a faster rate than traditional slates and tiles. A large quantity can be salvaged and re-used when the time eventually comes for a new roof.

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Heritage Slating – When restoring or conserving listed/period properties, historic or ecclesiastical roofs we maintain the original character using natural products and lime mortars.

Newbuild – We use natural slate which provides a sleek durable covering that complements any modern building.

Ornamental – Decorative slating, panels and cladding is used as feature pieces for the home and garden.

Timby Traditional Roofing