Pan Tiles are our preferred clay tiles and feature heavily within our region, they are only found down the east coast of the UK – this is due to their use as ballast by the Dutch during our shipping trade in the 17th Century. “Pan” is the dutch name for tile.
Since then they have been mass produced by local tileries such as Goxhill, Broomfleet (Sandtoft) and Barton upon Humber (William Blyth) in both machine and handmade varieties. It is typically stated that most clay roofing products are useful for about 60 years but they have been known to perform well for over double that time.

Clay tiles produce a variety of textures and a warmth of colours unrivalled by their man-made counterparts. Natural materials age better than man made Materials, they weather down giving a better tonal variety and remain looking beautiful for years. Natural materials also do no promote the growth of mosses like most man-made products.



Heritage Tiling – When restoring or conserving listed/period properties, historic or ecclesiastical roofs we maintain that original character by using traditional handmade products and lime mortars.

New build – Clay tiling is the staple roofing product within our region for that traditional look and feel. 

Timby Traditional Roofing